External CFO Services

Every business could benefit from expert financial analysis and relevant business advice, but not every business can afford an in-house CFO. This is where Balanced Advantage comes in. Our external CFO services are a cost-effective way to access specialised financial advice in Dural and across Australia, without the expensive price tag.

Advice That Makes an Impact

The Balanced Advantage team, led by Deanna Shim, are more-than-qualified to deliver financial services to businesses in Australia. From our home base in Dural, we’ve worked with hundreds of business owners right across the nation to help them improve their business strategy, understand business performance and ultimately make better decisions. We’ll help you unravel the mystery surrounding your business finances and make sure all your burning finance questions are answered. To put it bluntly, our advice will actually make a positive impact to your business.

Cashflow Help

For a small business, cashflow is usually a big problem. This is especially for businesses in the early or start up phase as it can be tough to meet capital requirements and manage the cashflow squeeze. We are business owners too and we understand the need for proper cashflow management. Our CFO’s have the experience to analyse your business data, identify issues and opportunities and help you implement a plan to improve your cashflow. It’s important that you know exactly how cash flows through your business, including the entry and exit points, so you can make informed decisions. Balanced Advantage will make sure your business is in the best possible position to allow it to grow.

We Reveal the Story Behind the Numbers

Our Dural CFO services team is great at the number crunching and bookkeeping, but we’re even better at the “magic” work. As accountants, CFOs and most of all, business owners, we know how important it is for business owners to have accurate financial data. Without the right information you can’t make the right decisions. It’s dangerous to make important changes based on incomplete or inaccurate information. Balanced Advantage focuses on business reporting, including cashflow forecasting, management reporting and budgeting, so you know the trajectory of your business. Our comprehensive reporting and advice will shine a light on the areas to improve in order to boost business performance.

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