Who we are

Deanna ShimBalanced Advantage began more than 10 years ago in The Hills District, north-west of Sydney, NSW. However, with today’s technology, we now have clients right across Australia. Our firm was founded by Deanna Shim who has nearly two decades of accounting experience. Deanna started Balanced Advantage when she saw a need for businesses in their growth phase to have access to accounting expertise in order for them to make confident strategic business decisions.  Deanna and the close-knit Balanced Advantage team help businesses by providing accounting services that they are not able to resource in-house.

Our mission

We provide business owners with reliable financial information so they can make confident business decisions. Our mission is all about clarity, flexibility, confidence. We provide clarity so you can see what is really happening behind the numbers, flexibility by providing a better way of working and confidence to drive the business forward,  knowing your decisions are based on reliable information.

Who we work with

We love working with businesses who are passionate about growing. The Balanced Advantage team recognise that during the early growth phase, companies may not have access to or the need for an in-house accounting resource.  We enjoy working with  business owners  who are innovative, forward-thinking, technologically savvy and have a desire to build their business. Balanced Advantage shares these qualities. We’ve got the information and accounting expertise, you bring the passion and the drive. Together we can take your business to new heights.

Why virtual?

Balanced Advantage use the latest cloud based accounting systems to create virtual  finance departments. We love the freedom and flexibilty that our virtual service brings. We can work quietly in the background without disturbing you or your team.  We don’t require you to provide us with an office space and we don’t need to be located in the same city as you are. We can respond to your needs as and when they arise rather than restricting our services to a specific time or place. We are in regular communication with our clients, using video linkups, online chat facilities and of course are available for face to face meetings if  you prefer.

We prefer to work with businesses who use Xero cloud accounting software. We love Xero and the amazing platform they’ve built and we want our clients to share in that. If you’re not using Xero or looking to change, we can help get you set up in no time. Get in touch with us today.

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