Why virtual bookkeeping works

Balanced Advantage provide virtual bookkeeping services only, which means we don’t provide on site bookkeeping. This doesn’t mean that we never visit our clients – we love seeing our clients!  It means that the majority of our work is done off site using cloud technology.  We are often asked by potential clients why we choose to work in this way. Interestingly, we are never asked this question by our own clients because they love it and it works. So why virtual?

Virtual bookkeeping allows us to provide the best customer service, which is what is what we are all about. Here is why:

We can respond to your requests at any time

We are on when you need us to be and off when you don’t need us. This is a really efficient way of working. Being on site would restrict our ability to act immediately as we would be dedicating our client time to specific hours in the week. Anything falling outside of those hours would have to wait until our next visit. That doesn’t work for us and it doesn’t work for our clients. Virtual bookkeeping allows us to work anytime , for extended hours during the day. We are not restricted by 9-5 and work according to need.

Virtual bookkeeping saves costs

We have no travel time and we only charge you for the time we are working. Bookkeeping hours required by our clients can vary week to week – especially for businesses in a growth phase. Virtual bookkeeping allows us the flexibility to meet demand rather than be sitting in your office for set periods each week. If the work isn’t there, we do something else.  If you are involved in a busy project or have an unexpected issue come up, we can jump onto that immediately to get fast results.

We work quietly in the background.

Business is busy and we appreciate that you have things other than bookkeeping going on in your day. Virtual bookkeeping allows us to work in our own space so we are not disrupting you – we know what has to be done and we get on with it. That’s not to say we don’t communicate – communication with our clients is very important. We communicate either via email, via a quick video meet up or we schedule an onsite meeting if needed. What we don’t do is continually pop our head around the corner interrupting your train of thought.

We are not limited by location

Being virtual allows us to provide service no matter where you are or where we are. This means we can work with interstate clients and provide seamless service to their distributed team.  This means if you go on holidays, we continue working. This means if we go on holidays, your services are not disrupted. By necessity, virtual bookkeeping requires us to develop efficient bookkeeping processes using the latest cloud technology. This benefits you because you will have access to immediate financial information.  You don’t need to wait for us to visit to get your financial data, and often the processes are paperless. We use Receipt Bank to capture all of our client’s invoices and upload them into their accounting software. This means, should you be audited or need to access your source documentation, it is all in one place.

We won’t eat your biscuits

Working virtually, we work in our own space and let you enjoy your own workspace. We won’t eat your biscuits, drink your coffee or complain about your office thermostat temperature.  We don’t leave a mess and we don’t need a chair. We just get your work done when you want it to be done and I think that is the best customer service that we can provide.

While we recognise that working virtually is not for everyone, we know it works and we know our clients are happy so give it a try. Virtual bookkeeping is a great solution if your business is growing and you are not quite ready to bring your accounting function in house.  If you would like to talk to us about what we do and how we do it please call us on 1800 883 439 and check out our website www.balancedadvantage.com.au





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