Bookkeeping – The Balanced Advantage Way

At Balanced Advantage we believe in setting up good processes and then sticking to them. That is what keeps the wheels behind our client’s businesses turning so that they can concentrate on doing what they do.

Our bookkeeping processes look like this:

1. We ask our clients to use the DEXT app to upload supplier invoices or receipts AS THEY COME IN. We don’t want piles of paper ( or digital) invoices sitting around stressing our clients out. So they send them on to us, and then they can think about something else.

2. We reconcile our clients Xero Bank Feeds DAILY. Yes , not weekly, not monthly and certainly not quarterly. Our clients can look at their Xero files at any time knowing that they are up to date.

3. We compile a weekly supplier payment list. We help out our clients by suggesting what invoices should be paid using the Bills awaiting payment list in Xero.

4. We send out monthly reminders to our client’s customers who have not paid their invoices and then focus on the troublesome customers who are late payers. We want our clients to receive the cash that is owed to them.

5. We run a review of our clients financial position in the first week of every month , looking back to see how the previous month has gone. Our clients who have subscribed to our CFO package receive commentary on how they have performed against budget and suggestions on what they might concentrate on in the coming month to improve their business. As a team we hold the business accountable to their budget so that they reach the goals that they had pre-set for themselves at the start of the year.


we love bookkeeping. We love order, process, information, and mostly we love seeing our clients succeed . If you want some of that – give us a call or an email and let’s talk.

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